2021 Top 20 Virtual Conference Platforms

There are a ton of virtual conference platforms on the market, but which one is best for your online conference?

The pandemic might’ve kept us indoors, but that doesn’t mean we can’t still connect with one another online. From meeting with coworkers to hosting fan events, conferences have been a staple for thousands of brands across the nation. Fortunately, we can still enjoy these moments digitally — no matter how far apart we might be. 

Without further ado, here are the best virtual conference platforms for your 2021 conference needs.

Accelevents — Virtual & Hybrid Events Platform for Growth

Are you searching for all-in-one virtual conference platforms? In that case, Accelevents is one of the best choices for an intuitive and customizable event experience — all while remaining as simple as possible for smooth setup. 

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The Best Virtual Event Platforms of 2021 | Jumbo - Blog

Afterparty — Interactive Virtual Events

Afterparty’s mission is to recreate the feel of in-person events in the online medium. By prioritizing innovative design with all the tools needed to drive engagement, attendees are guaranteed to be transported from their bedrooms and into a vivid experience. 

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Virtual Event Platform, Mobile Apps & Registration Software | Attendify

Attendify — Virtual Event Platform, Mobile Apps & Registration 

The best virtual conference platforms are those that allow their users to walk away from each event feeling as if they’ve learned or experienced something new. Attendify accomplishes this by enabling sponsors, exhibitors, attendees and more to seamlessly connect using its all-in-one platform. 

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Brandlive | Brandlive - Events


Brandlive — Virtual, done right

Featuring a bold brand vision and design, Brandlive is lining up to be one of the most attention-grabbing virtual event platforms of the year, already having worked with brands like Levi’s, Adidas and GoPro. In addition, the digital solution offers a collection of event options for businesses to utilize, including online events, showrooms, greenrooms and more. 

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Brella (@Brellanetwork) | Twitter


Brella — The world’s leading virtual event & networking platform

Brella’s approach to online and in-person events emphasizes scope. Take one look at the company’s previous partners, and you’ll see this platform isn’t afraid to help businesses set up large events: From P&G to Google, any brand can find something to love about the solution. 

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HeySummit | HeySummit 101: set up your summit

HeySummit — Your Virtual Event Platform Solution 

Virtual conference platforms are helpful for any brand, but they can be difficult for inexperienced users to wrap their heads around. HeySummit aims to combat this issue with a straightforward, hassle-free experience. 

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Gatheround — A better way to bring your people together

Gatheround — A better way to bring your people together

Online calls are not immune to general awkwardness. Fortunately, Gatheround provides users with all the tools they need to break the ice using various fun, playful features designed to encourage productive conversations. 

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Virtual events startup Hopin raises $125M to scale up its platform -  SiliconANGLE


Hopin — Event Technology Platform for Virtual, Hybrid, and Interactive Events. 

The best virtual conference platforms grant you everything you need to improve your gatherings and increase engagement. Hopin plans to provide this by allowing users to analyze data from their event to examine what’s working — and what isn’t. 

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Twitch-inspired live streams are the future of fundraising

Hovercast — Virtual events are here to play 

Virtual conferences can do more than support businesses — they can support social causes, too. Hovercast proved this by becoming the primary political fundraising tool for figures such as Bernie Sanders and causes like the It Gets Better Project. 

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Jumbo — Virtual Events Made Easy

From live streaming to massive virtual events, Jumbo is aiming to be the next major resource for enterprise clients across the nation. Offering a host of powerful features, organizers using this innovative platform can expect to drive more engagement and revenue than ever before. Jumbo is the best virtual conference platform for enterprise clients.

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Livestorm Review – The Best Webinar Platform


Livestorm — Video Conferencing Software for Webinars and Virtual Events

Sometimes, you don’t need all of the extra tools that come with virtual conference platforms. Livestorm allows users to simplify their experience as desired, allowing for uninterrupted communication. 

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Turn-key virtual networking experiences that feel like the real thing -  Lunchpool

Lunchpool — Turn-key virtual networking experiences that feel like the real deal

Lunchpool prioritizes quality over quantity with unique features designed to harness the power of small groups. 

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Maestro Raises $3 Million - NewsCenter.io


Maestro — Interactive Live Streaming

One of the best virtual conference platforms for creators, Maestro allows users to craft their experience in a way that connects with their brand, allowing for enhanced fan connection and engagement. 

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ON24 Digital Experience Platform | Learn More About Interactive Webinar  Software | ON24


On24 — The Digital Experience Platform 

On24 is all about the hybrid approach, mixing physical elements of events with a digital strategy. Packed with features, this is another solution perfect for driving engagement. 

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Virtual, On-Site, Hybrid Event Software | PheedLoop

PheedLoop — Virtual, On-Site, Hybrid Event Software

From trade shows to team meetings, PheedLoop is an all-in-one resource with few restrictions. With a companion iOS and Android app, users can take advantage of complete flexibility when planning and running their events. 

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CSCCE Community Tools Trials Recap: Remo - CSCCE


Remo — Interactive Virtual Event Platform 

Just because virtual event platforms are held online doesn’t mean they have to feel disconnected from the real world. Remo aims to bridge the gap by allowing organizers to fully customize their digital floor plan and humanize their online experience. 

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Rume - Video chat that doesn't feel like work | Product Hunt

Rume — Video chat that doesn’t feel like work 

Rume’s approach to the online conferencing space prioritizes fun and engagement over stiff, formal business calls. Users can play games, collaborate and break off into separate conversations within a single room. 

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Event Marketing Platform

Splash — Event Marketing Solutions 

Offering comprehensive features for hosting live, virtual and hybrid events, Splash virtually has everything you need to get started delivering premium conference experiences. Whether you need tools for optimizing or marketing your events, you’ll find what you need. 

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Run successful virtual or hybrid events

Swapcard — All-In-One Virtual & Hybrid Events Platform 

Bolstered by artificial intelligence, Swapcard takes elements from conferences of the past and combines them with tools from the future. With tech capable of managing everything from registration to matchmaking, users can trust Swapcard to help them establish a community that remains engaged.  

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Virtual Event Features | Host Events Online | vFairs

vFairs — Virtual Events Platform – Host Amazing Hybrid & Virtual Events 

Featuring a unique 3D design and impressive customization abilities, vFairs is another of the best virtual conference platforms to keep an eye on this year. From virtual food shows to trade shows, corporations, universities, creators and more can use the platform to connect with communities near and far — all from the comfort of their desks. 

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Conclusion – So, what’s the best virtual conference platform?

The truth is it all depends on what features are most important to bringing your online conference to life. Are you most concerned with networking? Ticketing? Having a huge audience? Interactivity? 

Compile a list of your most needed features and contact us today for a free virtual conference consultation. We’ll help you find the perfect platform, even if it isn’t us.