How Your Company Can Celebrate the Holidays Virtually

As hard as it might be to believe, the holidays are quickly approaching, and with that, holiday parties need to start getting planned. Last year, holiday parties were few and far between, and the parties that did occur were lackadaisical at best. Your employees are constantly investing time into your company, so invest some time back into your workers by planning a holiday party that will show your appreciation. This year, make sure your corporate holiday party is fun, entertaining, and above all, a rewarding experience for your employees.

Here are some virtual holiday-friendly ideas to get your employees into the festive spirit.

Virtual Cocktail Party

Cocktail parties are a staple when it comes to holiday events. After all, what’s a better way to celebrate the start of a new year than to share some festive drinks with your co-workers? Encourage your employees to use this digital party as an excuse to dress up and have a few of their favorite adult beverages as they mix and mingle on an all-in-one virtual event platform. Remember to plan some ice-breaker games and activities to keep the party lively and entertaining. 

Another way to spruce up your holiday cocktail party is to order cocktail-making kits for each of your guests. By sending something special to your employees, you’re showing them your appreciation for their hard work. These kits are also a great way to get the night started, as most of them also offer the expertise of a professional bartender who will lead your team in a quick cocktail-making class. 

A Very Merry Yoga Class

Although the holiday season is exciting, it can also be incredibly stressful. Your employees are likely exhausted between scheduling time with family, buying presents for their loved ones, and working hard during one of the busiest seasons of the year. Give them a chance to relax and unwind by hosting a holiday yoga class- complete with festive music and calming vibes.  

Ugly Christmas Sweater Party

Ugly Christmas sweater parties are arguably the most popular type of holiday party- and for good reason! Not only are ugly Christmas sweaters easy and hilarious, but it also requires very little stress or effort from your employees. Just about everyone has been to at least one ugly holiday sweater party before, and if someone hasn’t, they definitely have a friend who has. If you really want to go all out, consider sending your employees branded ugly sweaters that they can all wear to your virtual party. 

An ugly Christmas sweater party provides entertainment all on its own. Your employees can mingle, network, and compete with one another while trying to figure out who has the ugliest Christmas sweater of all (feel free to have a poll and declare a winner at the end of the night). 

Digital Wine Tasting

During the stressful holiday season, pretty much everyone could use a virtual happy hour. Make yours special by inviting an experienced sommelier to host a digital wine tasting for your employees. Much like the cocktail-making kits we mentioned earlier, most online wine tasting classes will send your guests a package with samples of wines from across the world. The host can then take your employees through a crash course in how to describe different flavors like a true sommelier. 

Festive Brews and Holiday Hues

If there are two things people can’t say no to, it’s quality beer and themed parties. Grab some beer from a nearby brewery, and put on your favorite red, green, gold, or blue outfit for this fun and festive holiday party. This is also a great way to support local businesses during the holiday season. Make a big order for your local brewery’s best-selling beer and send a few cans to each of your employees before the party. Now all of your guests have the opportunity to drink the same thing, just as they might at an in-person event. Encourage your employees to dress comfortably, but within the same range of holiday hues so you can take a virtual selfie at the end of the night in your coordinating colors. 

Wallet-Friendly White Elephant Party

Gift exchanges are up there with ugly Christmas sweater parties when it comes to the most popular types of holiday parties. And it makes sense, because gift exchanges are easy and fun, especially when you put a cap on how much money people are allowed to spend. By telling people they can only spend $5, you’re encouraging them to get creative with what they can do for that amount of money. Whether your employees go to the dollar store or make a homemade gift, your guests will be entertained for the entire night.  

Christmas Craft Party

Craft-making is an activity that most people stopped doing when they left elementary school. So many people have fond memories of the final days at school before holiday break when, instead of having class, teachers would lead their students in a fun holiday-themed craft. Bring back the nostalgia by hosting a do-it-yourself-themed party where you and your employees can create useful adult crafts together. 

The great thing about most crafts is that they rarely require that many materials. Most craft materials can be found at your local Walmart or Michaels. However, if you feel like going the extra mile, try ordering craft kits from a website like Adults and Crafts

Virtual Game Night

Online game nights are a great way to encourage team-building exercises in a fun and casual space. Game nights are easy to plan because there are so many options you can choose from when it comes to what game your team should play- this article by SnackNation gives 35 ideas to start. However, your virtual game night can be even more simple if you look to websites like Game Night Out or BoomBox, which make most of the decisions for you. A host will guide you through a night of excitement and laughs so you can take a backseat and play alongside the rest of your team members. 

Festive Baking Class

Baking is another classic activity that can put people in the holiday spirit. Find a holiday baking class that fits what your team would like best. From holiday cookies and eggnog cocktails to Argentinian holiday empanadas, the options are endless. Professional chefs will take your team through the motions of creating an exceptional holiday-themed treat. Most of these classes offer to send the cooking materials straight to the participants, making this party option quick and easy. And that’s not even mentioning the best part- getting to taste the food afterward!

Online Escape Room

For your more adventurous employees, an online escape room might just be the perfect holiday party idea. Not only does an escape room provide engaging entertainment for all participants, but it also encourages team-building in a fun and seamless way. The Escape Game is an online platform that offers several different options of escape rooms, games, and other activities that your team can check out. 

Showing your employees a good time at a holiday party is important. All of the parties we’ve mentioned are great ways to ensure that your workers understand their place in your business as key team players. Without workers, your company wouldn’t be where it is today, so it’s essential to remind your employees how much you appreciate them.