ALP’s Virtual Events: Impacting Charlotte Literacy

The Augustine Literacy Project (ALP) is a Charlotte-based non-profit dedicated to improving reading, writing, and spelling skills of young, aspiring readers in under-resourced communities. When the COVID-19 pandemic threatened their annual Rise and Read event in 2021, ALP partnered with Jumbo’s virtual event platform to create an online experience that not only expanded their reach but also made a lasting impact on literacy in Charlotte. As a result, their recent March 2023 event achieved even greater success.

The Augustine Literacy Project and Jumbo’s Evolving Partnership

As the COVID-19 pandemic loomed over the world, in-person events were forced to adapt or risk cancellation. ALP faced the challenge of transforming their annual Rise and Read event into an online experience that would continue to engage donors and volunteers. That’s when they turned to Jumbo, a virtual event platform that offers a comprehensive suite of tools for non-profits to create engaging online experiences.

With Jumbo’s support, ALP successfully launched their first virtual event in 2021. The success of this event laid the groundwork for their growing partnership, culminating in the impressive results from their March 2023 Rise and Read event, which kept the momentum of previous events going and helped continue the impact on the future of literacy in Charlotte.

Jumbo’s Virtual Event Platform: A Game-Changer for Non-Profits

Jumbo’s platform provided ALP with a range of customizable features that allowed them to create seamless and engaging events. Features we can provide non-profits are:

The 2023 Rise and Read event achieved impressive results, with 392 total registrants and 283 unique viewers. ALP was able to widely spread their message with Jumbo, while also letting people donate, and sign up as tutors, all from the comfort of their own homes.

Embracing the Virtual: An Unexpected Opportunity

The COVID-19 pandemic forced many organizations to pivot, but for ALP, this challenge became an unexpected opportunity. By embracing virtual events and leveraging the potential of Jumbo’s platform, ALP expanded their reach and attracted new donors and volunteers, increasing their impact on literacy in Charlotte. The virtual format not only offered a cost-effective alternative to in-person gatherings but also provided opportunities for ALP to engage with supporters who might not otherwise be able to attend.

This broader reach led to increased donations, volunteer participation, and a greater overall impact on the communities they serve. The success of their recent 2023 event highlights the potential of virtual events to continue making a difference, even in the face of adversity.


ALP‘s ongoing collaboration with Jumbo’s virtual event platform showcases the potential of technology in helping non-profits make a difference in the world. By leveraging Jumbo’s features and support, ALP successfully transitioned their annual Rise and Read event into an engaging online experience, which has resulted in sustainable donations, volunteer sign-ups, and a lasting impact on Charlotte’s literacy landscape.

For non-profit leaders looking to expand their reach and make an even more significant impact on their communities, Jumbo’s virtual event platform offers a comprehensive solution. Embracing the power of virtual events can help non-profits continue to make a difference, even in a changing world.

Join ALP and Jumbo’s mission to improve literacy in under-resourced communities!

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