Here’s How You Can Celebrate Pride Month Virtually in 2022

After two years of constant event cancellations and postponements, it seems like we may finally have a summer full of in-person events. As we get closer to the month of June, many people have begun to plan their pride month celebrations. 

Although many people will likely be excited to get out of the house and into the streets for pride parades and bar crawls alike, there are also many who are looking for an online option. For one, some people live in cities and towns that don’t have huge pride parades or celebrations at any time throughout the month. This leaves a large amount of the LGBTQ+ population unable to celebrate with their community. 

This is one area where virtual and hybrid events really step up. If your company is planning an event to support the LGBTQ+ community in the month of June, consider hosting it online- or adding a digital element for people to view online. 

If you need any convincing on the importance of giving your attendees online options, check out this blog. In it, you’ll find out that hosting a virtual or hybrid option is essential for event planning in 2022. Not only does this increase your overall attendance rate, but it also shows your audience that you care about their preferences and want to cater to their needs. 

In the month where we are celebrating and commemorating the history of the LGBTQ+ community, it’s important to ensure that any and everybody can attend your events. 

Here are a few fun and engaging ways you can show your support to the LGBTQ+ community in June this year: 

Host a fundraiser for your favorite LGBTQ+ organization 

Pride is often the prime time for both small and major organizations around the world to raise awareness of their dedicated cause. Hosting an online fundraiser won’t only be an excellent chance to bring attention to some awesome local LGBTQ+ charities and organizations, but can be a great opportunity to raise funds for those who have been badly affected by COVID. Events like an online auction, or a fun quiz night were both popular events last year with both major and smaller charities receiving large donations from attendants.  

Showcase an LGBTQ+ history lecture

While Pride is usually a time for the queer community to party, it’s also a moment to commemorate the history and culture. Hosting a guest lecture on the local, or even global history of Pride can be a great way to educate both allies and members of the community about the past and present journey to LGBTQIA+ rights. MOMA, the British Museum, and The Victoria and Albert Museum also hosted an online queer tour of their collections, hosted by LGBTQ+ history experts.

Host an online book club supporting LGBTQ+ authors 

For those who love a good queer romance or are always on the hunt for new LGBTQ+ writers, hosting a queer book club or live reading is a fantastic way for participants to meet and discuss their favorite books written about and by queer folks. It’s also a great way to help promote local authors and their books with a Q&A and virtual book signing.

Plan a digital pride parade 

While many pride parades are still set to happen in person this year, hosting an online parade might be just as fun. With a digital experience, you could invite popular LGBTQ+ musicians for a virtual concert, have a local bartender give a masterclass in cocktail-making, or have a virtual disco party. 

In 2020, multiple groups like Club Quarantine organized nightly Zoom events throughout Pride season. Sure, a solo dance party in your living room may not be the same as letting loose at a gay bar, but hosting an event with guest DJs, local queer celebrities, and drag artists can definitely turn up a Friday evening.