Online Tools Your Company Needs to Use in 2022

The past decade has seen a ton of innovation when it comes to online collaborative tools. As virtual workplaces have become more and more common, it has become increasingly more important for employees to have access to online applications that connect them to one another. 

Tools like Zoom and Microsoft Teams have been hugely popular for the past few years because they make virtual collaboration so easy. 

Although it can be daunting to implement a brand new application into your business strategy, it’s often a necessary step in order for your company to grow. Whether these tools help you organize tasks, plan weekly meetings, or simply communicate with your fellow employees, they are guaranteed to make your average workday easier.  

Here, we’ve compiled a simplified list of the most effective tools the internet has to offer. Not only do these tools have the potential to completely transform your business, but they are also easy to use, efficient, and effective. 

Here are the best collaborative tools that your company should implement in 2022


Notion has recently been dubbed one of the best online organizational tools for businesses.  Notion puts all of your company’s projects in an all-in-one platform. With access to graphs, tables, and excel sheets, Notion provides an easy way for employees to communicate and work with one another.

This is a great option for companies that have multiple different teams that need to work together regularly. With Notion, each team member can create their own dashboard that specifies their ongoing projects and workflow. 

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When it comes to scheduling meetings, I think we all know how monotonous and inefficient it can feel to constantly go back and forth trying to find a time when all parties are free. Calendly offers a super simple solution; by sending your meeting participants a link, they’ll be able to choose from a variety of days and times in which you are free. This means they can easily find a time that also works for them. 

Calendly also takes away the repetitive action of adding things to your calendar and sending out invitations. Once the meeting is confirmed, all participants will have a scheduled meeting ready to go in their calendar without any interruptions during their busy workday. 

Start scheduling your meetings with Calendly here. 


Discord is a great online tool for any company looking for a comprehensive platform that has it all. On Discord, you’ll be able to instantly message and communicate with all members of your organization. One of the best features that Discord offers is the ability to create separate channels for different projects, sectors, and tasks. 

You can also create voice channels in which anyone can join in and start brainstorming. Additionally, Discord also allows employees to start video chats either privately or with a larger group. This creates a Zoom-like environment that has the extra benefits of image and file sharing. 

Download Discord here. 


If your company has a multitude of social media platforms, blog posts, or websites, then you probably know that the mass amount of links can get a little overwhelming. With that being said, a lot of social media sites only allow you to add one link to your profile when you may be wanting to add several. That’s where Linktree comes in. 

Linktree allows users to house all of their social media profiles, blog posts, and websites on one singular webpage. This makes linking your audience members 100% more simple. No matter what your consumers are looking for, they can all find it via one specialized link. 

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Much like Notion, Basecamp is very well known for the huge impact it can have on business organization. While Notion lends itself more to employees and the inner workings of your company, Basecamp is great for working with clients. Basecamp keeps all of your documentation, data, and business proposals in one place. It also serves as a communication hub for both you and your customers. 

Basecamp is basically a high-tech to-do list that keeps employees and clients accountable by sending notifications and reminders for contracts that need to be signed and proposals that need to be discussed. 

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