July 2022 Platform Update

Major Updates

We’re so excited to bring you a great deal of major updates for our version  8.4 rollout of Jumbo.

Please reach out to your customer success specialist if you have questions or need help implementing these great new changes in your Jumbo Platform. We’re happy to help!

In the meantime – check out our notes below!

Registration →  Easy Access Codes to Share With Your Registrants

Jumbo is always working to make registration for your events as easy as possible. And with more events seeking flexibility to combine off-site/partner registrations and virtual, hybrid and fully on-location components we’re launching a super easy unique access code feature.

With   Easy Access Codes you can generate up to 1000 unique random 12 character alphanumeric codes at a time which are dumped to a CSV. Future code generation batches are added on to valid codes accepted on your site. A code can look something like this: 1AB440EFD0DC

Your registration form can be set up to require any of these access codes before a login is successful.

The   Easy Access Codes generated in this way can be used and re-used as needed, but are not restricted in order to make login easy and fast for your attendees. Each unique access code is cryptically enhanced with random numbers and letters, so there’s no motivation to share and access code use can be tracked in your registrations table to ensure intended use is being followed.

Stats →  Viewer Stats Count Active Viewers

Your Stats → Viewer Stats table now defaults to showing monthly active viewers (MAUs) over the last 30 days, however you are also able to change the time period to see active users per day, week, and 90 day periods.

Active Viewers are users who have logged in once over the selected period and have viewed one channel.

 Other Features

Zoom →  New Zoom Event Polish Features

Zoom is regularly improving their embeddable Web version!

  • Support for attendees/panelists to set pronouns
  • Labels to video tiles showing participants’ audio connection status
  • Support for Webinar Session Branding
  • Fixes
    • Conflicts between 720p and virtual backgrounds running at the same time
    • Preview page sometimes not remembering the user’s audio or video preference
    • “NEW: Mask your Background” notice showing when it should not
    • Recording notification not showing properly for panelists in webinars
    • Post-poll result strings unintentionally showing {0} to attendees
    • Issues with the Report feature’s UI and reports failing when the reporter’s email does not match the join email
    • Avatar not showing correctly in the Q&A menu
    • “Back” button not working in the “Unencrypted Connections” panel

  Additional Improvements and Bug Fixes


Blocks → Reusable blocks show consistently in menubar when Include in Navigation option is selected

Chat → DMs now show consistently in single channel mode with or without directory activated

Directory → Batch loading of 20 users at a time makes the directory and platform load faster!

Branding → Hex color codes in the branding panel are now more resilient and don’t break if an invalid hex code is entered

‍ Admin → New sites automatically allow previous users to load in the chat, ensuring you can clone your sites easier


Blocks → List blocks are easier to edit content on across all screen sizes

That’s all for now! Feel free to reach out to [email protected] if you have any questions – and we’ll see you streaming soon!