How to Drive Attendee Engagement with Branding

It doesn’t take a marketing expert to understand the importance of branding. Arguably, having a solid brand with a distinctive logo and color scheme is one of the most important parts of becoming a successful business. 

Golden arches, Tiffany blue, and an apple with a bite taken out of it are just a few examples of the importance of brand recognition in the modern business world. 

However, branding isn’t just important in marketing and advertising. Your business’s brand should be a part of everything you do- from how you interact with customers on social media to how you plan your events. 

When planning an event, it’s essential to include features of your business’s brand in just about every aspect of your event. For an in-person event, this might mean having banners and signs placed throughout your venue or having employees wear branded shirts. 

Virtually, you can get a lot more creative when customizing your event. Not only is branding important for the design features of your online platform, but it’s also huge when it comes to driving attendee engagement.  

Here’s why branding is so important in virtual events: 

Brand Recognition 

When creating an online event, it’s important to use a platform that allows you to use your brand logo, colors, and other identifying features. For one, this makes your platform look much more refined and impressive to audience members. Another reason, however, is that utilizing your logo is hugely important to increasing brand recognition. 

Although the people attending your event likely already know your company and brand as a whole, you want to make sure your brand is the outstanding variable that sticks in their minds once the event is over. 


Going hand-in-hand with brand recognition, brand reliability is an incredibly important part of creating a successful business model. Nobody wants to support a business that doesn’t seem fully fleshed out or trustworthy. Building brand recognition builds reliability, and a great way to increase that reliability is to become a significant, memorable brand in your target audience’s eyes. 

By placing your logo and brand colors throughout your event, you are constantly reminding your attendees that your company is noteworthy and substantial. This creates a much more dependable reputation for your brand that will return dividends in the future as long as you continue to be a trustworthy business. 

No distractions 

When hosting an online event, the last thing you want is for your audience members to be distracted. Whether you’re hosting a continuing education conference, a political rally, or a fundraiser, you want to ensure that your attendees are focusing primarily on your content. 

Hosting an event on a platform that is riddled with logos from outside sources and unrelated businesses can be confusing for attendees. When you work with a platform provider that simply takes your content and drops it into a blank template, there is no originality or distinctions from your event to the countless others that use that same platform. 

In order to keep your attendees on topic and set yourself apart from other events, you need to make sure that the platform you use doesn’t complicate your event with unnecessary logos and advertisements. 

How to ensure your next event is well-branded: 

The answer for this one is pretty simple: find a platform that understands the importance of a white-label consumer experience. We can’t speak for other platform providers, but here at Jumbo, we know that the only way to host a unique, top-quality event is to ensure that the platform is completely customized to your business. 

No one wants to attend low-effort events that consist of a few video calls on an unbranded platform. Jumbo is the service provider for companies looking for “event-of-the-year” status. If you want to leave a lasting impression on your guests and leave them wanting more from your business, Jumbo is the way to go. 

To learn more about how Jumbo can completely change the way both you and your attendees see virtual events, schedule a call and start planning the best event of 2022.